INEX Token

INEX is transforming
corporate venturing

Transforming corporate venturing and enabling exponential innovation ecosystems - a social token for globally connected innovation ecosystems
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Innovation Accounting
Make innovation accounting easy and transparent for everyone
Venture Funding
Simplify internal funding of your corporate ventures and allow participation of external partners or even early customers
Incentive System
Build a participation-based incentive system for employees and departments to anchor the innovation within the organisational DNA
Innovation DAO
Turn your organisation into a decentral innovation platform and engage and connect easily to other ecosystems

Data Sharing
Get access to top quality data from other ecosystems to improve your innovation decision making

How to use INEX

Time & Skill

Each innovation expert can issue tokenized ownership proofs for different tasks or usage of time & skills that could be redeemed by owners - i.e. coaching, project tasks, design thinking workshop etc.

Ecosystem Index

Strength of each ecosystems measured based on the level of engagement and value added (i.e. new ventures), that makes individual innovation ecosystems and their respective tokens investable.

Ecosystem ID

Have a control over your data by creating a unique collection of a verified data about your business model, funding information, skill set that you can easily share with other participants

Launchpads &

Each innovation ecosystem has an individual launchpad to co-finance ecosystem internal or external innovation projects / ventures

IP Assets &

Using NFTs to provide licenses for a particular methodology / framework, individual e-book, exclusive e-learning course etc. would lead to a better protection and possibilities of trading these scarce digital assets

Data Sharing


Monetise your anonymised innovation data sets and get paid for others such us corporations or VCs make use of them for their decision processes

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