Everything you need for a successful innovation ecosystem

Design, build and scale your innovation ecosystem effortlessly
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Some inbuilt feature highlights that will make your life easier

Single Sign-On
One personal account to access multiple innovation ecosystems & tools
User-generated database
A cross-ecosystem collection of data on talent, tech, knowledge, products & services and more
Multi ecosystem view
One interface to manage and to engage with multiple innovation ecosystems
Continue using your favourite collaboration and innovation tools along the EnterpriseUP platform
Roles & rule playbook
Governance framework to make the most of the ecosystem for any stakeholder
Revenue generator
Inbuilt payment options to monetise memberships access, sell digital products & services and benefit from ecosystem partner sales

The EnterpriseUP platform will adjust to your individual needs


Create peer-circles or innovation rooms for individual topics, projects or challenges
Communicate learnings and successes of your innovation initiatives
Test & launch new digital products & services using a group of trusted early adopters

Knowledge Hub

Access a large database of innovation knowledge delivered by experts around the globe
Consume innovation knowledge on-demand in various formats - vodcasts, podcasts, white papers and presentation
Grow the database by publishing your own knowledge and sharing it with other ecosystems


Post opportunities and find startups and other tech partners to develop integrated value added offerings
Hire innovation coaches, consultants or venture teams for your corporate venturing activities
Monetise your digital services, assets & competencies through offering them to the stakeholders of the ecosystem

One platform for any innovation ecosystem type

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Remote Events

Find and engage innovation leaders as speakers for your online events
Create an online event calendar, manage registration, ticketing and participant communication
Enable 3rd party experts to launch and run online events for your ecosystem


Connect to a database of online courses created by leading innovators
Build your own online training for the participants of your remote innovation program
Share your online courses with partners outside your organisation

Ecosystem Dashboard

Track activities, engagement and growth of your innovation ecosystem
Manage the modules, add-ons and look & feel of your innovation ecosystem platform
Set rules for the engagement and contribution of ecosystem stakeholders

Integrate and connect your favorite tools.

Increase the scalability of your ecosystem by integrating with intranet, your existing innovation platforms or your favorite collaboration tools, such as Zoom, Miro, ActiveCampaign, Zapier, LearnDash and many more.

A digital platform is the key capability of a successful ecosystem

Learn how other innovation ecosystems of different size & purpose use the platform.
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Selected innovation ecosystems that run already on our platform

European digital health ecosystem focused on bringing new technologies into the health sector by connecting ambitious scale ups, health experts, corporate partners
Connecting innovation managers, experts an service providers around Europe to enable meaningful partnerships and provide transparent access to knowledge & services
Knowledge ecosystem of practitioners, partners and customers around proved framework on how to build corporate startups
more early adopters are launching soon!
An innovation ecosystem company
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