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Getting started
How will I be supported customizing my own ecosystem in the beginning?
Once you have chosen us, you will be assigned a qualified ecosystem expert who will support you in setting up your own personal ecosystem. This expert will help you with everything from customising the design to creating memberships.
What options do I have to customize the design of my ecosystem?
Fonts, font sizes, font colours and the logo can be adapted to your corporate design. In addition, you can fully customise your landing page, the page that users see when they are not logged in or do not yet have an account: texts, images, buttons, etc.
How long will it take to have my own ready to go ecosystem?
Together with your personal ecosystem expert and depending on your specific use case, you can publish your own digital ecosystem fully prepared withing 1-2 weeks.
Do I have to activate and use all modules (Knowledge Hub, Events etc.) or can I just select those I need?
The modules (Knowledge Hub, E-Learning, Marketplace, Events and Community) can be activated or deactivated individually.
Is it possible to connect my own domain?
Yes. Initially your ecosystem has a subdomain of enterpriseup.co but it's easily possible to connect it with your own domain as well.
How do members access my ecosystem?
In order for users to gain access to your ecosystem, at least one membership must be created. Users can register for this membership and then log into your ecosystem.
Getting started
Can I add free and paid memberships memberships?
You can create both free and paid memberships. Paid memberships can be based on a monthly or annual payment rhythm.
What can visitors see, when they aren?t logged in?
For each membership you can individually define which areas can be viewed by members of the respective membership. If users are not logged in, they only see the landing page with all the information you have placed there.
How can I monetize my ecosystem?
By adding paid memberships you can generate recurring revenues. Besides memberships, you can let members with a marketplace profile add products. Each time someone buys one of these products through your ecosystem you can collect a predefined transaction fee.
Which payment options can be connected?
You can connect your PayPal and your Stripe accounts.
What does it mean, that my ecosystem can be connected to other ecosystems?
Our aim is to give you and other ecosystems the possibility to profit from each other. These options are a single-sign-on, which means that your members can login to other ecosystems with the same login information (if enabled) and the options to share your content and events within the Knowledge Hubs and Event Calendars of other ecosystems (and vice versa).
I already have a list of members in an existing community. Can I easily add those members to my new ecosystem at EnterpriseUp?
Yes, the list of your existing members can easily be imported to your new ecosystem at EnterpriseUp.
Knowledge Hub
I have a lot of innovation content (recordings, presentations etc.) on different sources. Is the Knowledge Hub the right place to centralize these files and make them accessible to interested members?
Yes, the Knowledge Hub ist he perfect place to upload, structure, share and monetize all your innovation knowledge.
How can I monetize this content?
You can define a paid membership based on a recurring payment by your members and make your content available only for this type of membership. In this case, free members will not be able to see your content unless they upgrade to a paid membership.
Which file types can be uploaded?
You can upload pdfs, audios, images and videos
Can I allow our members to upload their content as well?
Yes. You can allow all your members or only some memberships to upload content. Each content has to be approved by you or an ecosystem admin before it’s live.
Can I restrict the access to the uploaded content to specific members?
Yes, the access can be restricted based on memberships.
Is it possible to share the content pages on LinkedIn?
Content can be shared on LinkedIn. This is a great way to create attention for your ecosystem.
Which events can be added to the events calendar?
The events calendar is the place to add your virtual and physical innovation events
Can I sell tickets?
Yes, when you add a new event, you can choose between adding an RSVP option for free events or tickets for paid events.
Who will be able to register or buy tickets for the added events?
Together with your personal ecosystem expert, you can easily define, which memberships will be able to register for your events. This can be logged in free members or members with a specific membership only.
Can I allow our members to add events as well?
Yes, as for the Knowledge Hub, you can let your users add their own innovation events. Before the events will be shown in your ecosystem, you or an admin have to approve them.
Can I create private groups for specific members only?
Yes, you can create public, private and hidden groups. Publich groups can be seen and joined by all your members. Private groups can only be joined when you or an admin approves the members request to join. Hidden groups can’t be seen by your members. Members can only join by invitation.
How can I monetize the access to groups?
Groups can be connected to paid memberships. If a member subscribes to one of these memberships, she will automatically be added to the connected group(s)
How can I update my members about news, new content, new events and more?
There are different options to do that. The best way is to create a forum. Within this this forum you can create different discussions to connect to your members. Also, within the activity stream, your users will automatically be updated about any news.
Is it possible for members to connect with each other?
Yes, users can find other users profiles in the members list and connect to each other.
How can our members communicate with each other in the ecosystem?
Your new ecosystem at EnterpriseUp has an inbuilt messaging function.
Do you offer to add an ambassador program?
Yes, you can add an ambassador program to your ecosystem and reward users for inviting new members. These rewards can be discounts, free event tickets and more. Also you can increase the rewards based on the number of invited members.
Who can create a profile within the marketplace?
Every user can create a profile within the marketplace. Each new profile or change within an existing profile has to be approved by you or one of your admins.
Is it possible to restrict, who can create a marketplace profile?
Every user can create a profile within the marketplace. Each new profile or change within an existing profile has to be approved by you or one of your admins.
Can members with a marketplace profile sell their own products?
Yes. Members with an approved marketplace profile can add and sell their own products. Each new product has to be approved by you or an admin.
What further options do members with a marketplace profile have to present their offerings?
Yes. Members with an approved marketplace profile can add and sell their own products. Each new product has to be approved by you or an admin.
How can I monetize the marketplace module?
If you define, that only members with a paid membership can create a marketplace profile, any interested members has to subscribe for this membership first.

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