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for Corporate Innovators

The European community #1 that supports all Innovation Managers, Digital Leaders, Intrapreneurs and 
Change Makers in making a real impact everyday.
We connect innovators around Europe and support their entrepreneurial souls in corporate hearts. 
As starting from 2020 our family grew with a Corporate Innovation Slam format. From now on all the Events we do, such as Corporate Startup Summit & Award, are hold under the community of "EnterpriseUp" to unite all the Change Makers who join us.

Corporate Innovation 
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Bonn, Germany
4 March, 2020
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Vienna, Austria
September, 2020
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Zurich, Switzerland
November,  2020
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Innovation Is ALL

Since 2013 we more than 2500 Participants from all over the world attended our Events organized by EnterpriseUp around the Europe aimed to bring innovators together and support startup soul in corporate hearts..

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EnterpriseUP GmbH
c/o Digital Hub Bonn, 
Rheinwerkallee 6, 
53227 Bonn, Germany
+49 176 668 960 85

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